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Hair and scalp examinations

Hair and scalp examinations

Hair quality deteriorates and there are many reasons for hair loss. It can be both - temporary and permanent. Hair may become weaker after a long period of illness, surgery, use of antibiotics or a stressful period of life, when the body is weakened, but after recovery the condition of the hair gradually improves.,

Increased non-seasonal hair loss, which is not caused by a temporary illness, is caused by a various reasons or a combination of fungal infections of the scalp and visceral disorders, also reflecting on hair health. Because there are many possible causes, accurate diagnosis is crucial. Doctor carefully questioning the patient about his general health, complaints, habits and heredity, etc. at beginning, then the quality of the scalp and hair is tested with the help of a trichoscope, such as hair volume, miniaturization, deformity, number of empty scalp follicle openings, etc. Sometimes the patient is sent for blood tests. If there are signs of scalp inflammation, a scalp scratch analysis is performed. In more complex cases, a trichogram may also be needed - examining the hair pulled out of the scalp and checked on microscope. Histological analysis of the scalp biopsy is also performed in rare diseases. Often, depending on the results of tests, the patient receives recommendation for appointment to another specialist, such as an endocrinologist, gynecologist, dermatologist, gastroenterologist, etc.

When is recommended to visit doctor - trichologist?

If the hair falls out very intensely, the volume is halved in a short time and more, if the hair falls out in areas or gradually for more than three months, if there are severe scalp problems - itching, hydration, scabs, scales, dandruff; and if there is severe psychological discomfort due to the condition of the hair.


Trichogram is an additional examination method for diagnosing hair problems. It allows to examine the condition of the hair roots - to determine what percentage of hair is in each of the three growth phases, to specify whether there is dysplastic and dystrophic or exhausted hair, to determine the quality of the hair shaft. To do this, you need to pull out about 50 hairs. It's not particularly painful because it happens at one point. Pulls out hair growing in one thin strip - the patient can not even find this place after the procedure. It is tested in the laboratory and the patient receives conclusion at the next visit. There is recommendation not to wash your hair for a few days before performing the trichogram.



  • Trichogram within the consultation - min. 22,40 EUR