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Health Care “PREMIUM” for a Pregnancy

Health Care “PREMIUM” for a Pregnancy

‎To make your pregnancy time even more special, more secure and peaceful, premium Medical offers a special opportunity to purchase Health Care “PREMIUM” for a Pregnancy program. Thus, the future Mommy will get support and all necessary outpatient services all during pregnancy.‎

‎Program includes:‎

  • ‎All the necessary appointments with gynecologist;‎
  • ‎The obligatory analysis and screenings;‎
  • ‎All necessary USG examinations;‎
  • ‎Discounts for other clinic services.‎

If the payment is made a single installment, the program fee is ‎‎1000 EUR‎‎. You will significantly save as the full fee for services included would be ‎‎2062.18‎‎ EUR.