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Neurosonoscopy (infant head sonographic examination) is a safe, harmless, and painless diagnostic method that uses ultrasound waves to obtain images of the patient's brain.

Neurosonoscopy allows for the evaluation of infant brain anatomy, development, congenital anomalies, cerebrospinal fluid circulation, oxygen deprivation suffered during pregnancy and childbirth, hemorrhages, and infections. The examination can be performed until the closure of the fontanelle, which typically occurs by one year of age but can happen between six months and eighteen months.

Neurosonoscopy is used to evaluate:

  • neurological symptoms related to brain dysfunction;
  • traumatic brain injuries (birth trauma, postpartum traumatic injuries);
  • symptoms of brain inflammation;
  • pathologies developed during fetal development or genetic conditions;
  • brain damage caused by acute or chronic oxygen deprivation.

Neurosonoscopy can detect:

  • hemorrhages;
  • changes in the brain due to oxygen deprivation;
  • inflammatory changes in the brain (encephalitis, meningitis, intrauterine infections);
  • congenital brain anomalies (hydrocephalus, cysts, etc.).

The neurosonoscopy examination method is harmless to the child's body and can be repeated multiple times if necessary.


USG for children

  • USG for breast glands for children 20 min. 86,00 EUR
  • USG for lymph nodes and soft tissues for children 20 min. 99,60 EUR
  • USG for kidney and bladder for children 20 min. 94,90 EUR
  • USG for thyroid gland for children 20 min. 98,70 EUR
  • USG abdominal sonoscopy for children 20 min. 99,70 EUR
  • USG for single-joint children 20 min. 90,70 EUR
  • USG neurosonoscopy for infants 20 min. 97,30 EUR
  • USG for infant hip joints 20 min. 99,70 EUR
  • USG for infants and childs 2 types of examinations in one consultation 30 min. 179,50 EUR
  • USG for infants and childs 3 types of examinations in one 40 min. 218,90 EUR
  • Gynaecological USG for children (for small pelvic organs by stomach) 20 min. 70,50 EUR
  • USG for children - testis 25 min. 89,70 EUR