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Doctor – opthalmologist is managing visual function tests and eye disease screening. If vision correction is required, the specialist prescribes glasses or contact lenses, and in some cases it is possible to adjust other optical possibilities. Doctor gives recommendations on visual hygiene, work arrangements and workplace design. If necessary, it is possible to plan an eye training program and perform visual exercises.

During the vision test there is performed autorefractometer measurement recognising the real refraction and gives information on optical power of the eye. During the vision test, the specialist will also recognise the leading eye and co-vision, or binocular vision, to find out how well both eyes are balanced. The intraocular pressure is measured with a stream of compressed air without dripping. This is an important test for finding initial glaucoma or glaucoma probability in the future.

The structure of the eye is examined also using various accessories. The anterior part of the eye will be examined with the slit lamp. With a special bright light device called an ophthalmoscope, doctor will shine bright light into the eyes and check the health of the back of the eye and the transparency of the lens. This test may show signs of high blood pressure, glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases.

Investing in most modern devices for examinations, clinic is offering eye test with OCT / optical coherence tomography method.