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Bobata method

Bobata method

Bobata method - is a specially developed therapeutic method with aim to eliminate body asymmetry, balance muscle tension and develop various movements.

In the first year of life baby has to learn so much - to raise his head, take different objects, lean to the side, crawl, sit, get up, walk. It is important to be able to do it himself - correctly and safely.

Bobata movement therapy in the Premium Medical clinic is performed individually, using additional equipment (ball, foam pad, etc.) as needed. The procedure is performed by a certified physiotherapist.

Bobata's method of movement therapy for therapeutic purposes requires:

  • if child has a muscle imbalance;
  • if child has neurological problems;
  • if he has suffered from low oxygen starvation during pregnancy or birth;
  • if there are various problems developing on any reason (it is important to find out the reason of movement disorders - why is the child unable to perform a certain movement or skill?);
  • if in the first months of life has been handled (carried, dressed, etc).


  • Physiotherapist consultation for children (posture check, recommendations) 25 min.  55,00 EUR
  • Infant psychotherapist appointment 60 min. 60,00 EUR
  • Infant psychotherapist repeated appointment 40 min. 55,00 EUR
  • Infant gymnastics using Bobath approach with consultation 50 min. 65,00 EUR
  • Infant gymnastics using Bobath approach 30 min. 50,00 EUR
  • Individual handling session after giving birth with the newborn 45 min. 65,00 EUR
  • Individual handling session before giving birth 45 min. 55,00 EUR