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Diagnostics for children

Diagnostics for children

Premium Medical offers a wide range of examinations without leaving the clinic

The examinations are performed and the results are analyzed by the best Latvian specialists, using the up-to-date clinic equipment.

Image diagnostics:

  • USG (sonography) – USG general examination of viscera
  • Neurosonoscopy (neurosonography) – USG examination of the head
  • RTG (X-ray examinations) - digital X-ray of bones and viscera
  • Dopplerography – USG vascular examinations

Cardio functional examinations:

  • EHO (echocardiography) - examination of the anatomy of the heart and determination of functions with USG
  • ECG (electrocardiography) - determination of heart function

Respiratory tests:

  • Spirography - examination of respiratory functions
  • FeNo - measurement of fractional nitric oxide in exhaled air
  • LOR examinations: Timpanometry, reflexometry, audiometry, tissue or nasal lavage, etc.

USG for children

  • USG for breast glands for children 20 min. 86,00 EUR
  • USG for lymph nodes and soft tissues for children 20 min. 99,60 EUR
  • USG for kidney and bladder for children 20 min. 94,90 EUR
  • USG for thyroid gland for children 20 min. 98,70 EUR
  • USG abdominal sonoscopy for children 20 min. 99,70 EUR
  • USG for single-joint children 20 min. 90,70 EUR
  • USG neurosonoscopy for infants 20 min. 97,30 EUR
  • USG for infant hip joints 20 min. 99,70 EUR
  • USG for infants and childs 2 types of examinations in one consultation 30 min. 179,50 EUR
  • USG for infants and childs 3 types of examinations in one 40 min. 218,90 EUR
  • Gynaecological USG for children (for small pelvic organs by stomach) 20 min. 70,50 EUR
  • USG for children - testis 25 min. 89,70 EUR