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"Medicine for beauty and well-being" services

Time limits, daily tasks and stress does not allow you to enjoy long lazy days and weeks at sanatorium. At the same time stress, unfavorable environment, unhealthy food and other harmful factors makes impact on your body and feelings and you need some recreation. We invite you to use kind of “sanatorium” services in the city center, at Premium Medical Clinic. Depending on the health problems, indications, doctor's recommendations or client’s wishes, a number of therapeutic, recreational, preventive or cosmetic procedures are available.

  • Dūņu terapija (kūdras dūņu aplikācijas, ietīšana)
  • Mud therapy (peat mud applications, wrapping)
  • Magnesium salt therapy (wrapping with magnesium salt)
  • Black clay therapy (wrapping with Bohemian black clay)
  • Darsonvalization procedure
  • Physiotherapy (consultations, classes, individual program preparation)
  • Sling therapy
  • Therapeutic gymnastics,
  • Individual gymnastics for pregnant women
  • Classical therapeutic massages
  • Procedures selected according to your skin problems
  • cellulite, skin tone,
  • reduction of edema
  • overweight,
  • relaxing procedures