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Personalized medicine

Following the trends in world’s medicine, using specialists knowledge and experience, as well as developing the availability of DNA tests, the personalized approach at Premium Medical Clinic offers its clients genetic DNA tests in cooperation with the leading DNA laboratories in Europe.

Genetic testing is helping to reduce the risk of disease, starting treatment early, and finding most effective treatment. According to the test results, the specialists of the Premium Medical clinic provide personalized recommendations for the improvement of lifestyle, as well as the choice of diet and medication, which give our clients the best possible treatment success.

The following genetic DNA tests can be performed at the Premium Medical clinic:

  • Complex risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases - CardioRisQ test
  • Determining the causes of obesity, overweight and related problems - Nutri incode test
  • Thrombophilia or increased vein thrombosis test
  • Food intolerance tests

Tests are performed only with visit to the doctor!

During the visit, the doctor will provide you with detailed information about the test, special questionnaire will be filled in with the doctor, describing your body condition, heredity and medical history. At the same time, you will have to submit your blood for biochemical analysis - a number of indicators will be additionally recorded in this questionnaire.

Your submitted material for the genetic test together with the completed questionnaire (including the results of biochemical analyzes) will be sent to the DNA laboratory.

The test results are partly generated by a computer. The results are reviewed and supplemented by a team of doctors attached to the DNA laboratory.