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CHECK-UP before school

Check-up for prospective first-graders

  • Children’s orthopaedist/surgeon appointment
  • Children’s eye doctor appointment
  • Dentist Consultation
  • Neurologist appointment
  • All necessary tests (blood and urine tests)
  • General practitioner preventive examination consultation in paediatrics (including the preparation of the child's medical certificate)

Starting school is an important event, inevitably followed by significant changes in a child's life. For a successful school experience make sure that your child is physically and emotionally healthy and ready to start school.

Under the law, prospective first-graders must have a health check before starting school. Premium Medical general practitioner-pediatrician Gerda Lielause emphasises that parents should not see compliance with this national requirement as a formality - often, at this age, if a child is diagnosed with serious problems, such as back and posture problems, they can still be relatively easily corrected. If a child has had health complaints for some time, then extended health check-up will be the right way to find out what is causing them and to prevent them. The health examination will provide a comprehensive overview of the child's health, if necessary, the doctor will give important instructions to be followed at school, for example, if vision problems are detected, the doctor will advise how far from the blackboard the child should sit, or what to take into account when doing physical activities.

The time when a child's medical certificate with a GP's report must be submitted to the school varies from school to school. Some schools ask for it as early as June, others in August, but it is clear that the child's medical certificate must be submitted to the educational institution before child starts studies. Premium Medical encourages parents of prospective first-graders not to postpone their children's health check-up until the end of the summer, a spring and early summer are the best time for health check -up - there is less chance of catching a virus, fewer queues and more time before 1 September to improve health if needed.

"CHECK-UP" program price: 470,00 EUR

There is always possibility to add additional examinations or other specialist consultations according doctor’s advice or client request for additional fee.