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Health Check up Programs

Modern trend to take care of health and well-being is to do preventive health check-ups. Premium Medical doctors have developed 9 Check-up programs that help anyone keep track of their health in a convenient and easy way.

These check-up programs, depending on the age and lifestyle of the individual, provides the necessary individual examinations to identify existing health risks as early and as accurately as possible and to address them as effectively as possible.

Doctor, managing agreed program, keeps track of each client's examinations, following a specially designed protocol. If necessary, doctor offers additional examinations done by other specialists that are not included in the program (paid separately). The entire Check-up program focuses on identifying potential disease risks before they become a serious diagnosis.

There is always possibility to design client’s own check-up program at special price if the focus is needed on other health problem then existing check-up programs already offer.

Premium Medical Clinic is a leader in the implementation of check-up programs in Latvia.

Premium Medical Clinic offers you a wide range of doctor’s consultations and diagnostic procedures. But why not combine it all in one excellent programme and get to know everything about your health? Premium Medical Clinic’s doctors advice you to choose Health Check up program to receive a complete objective evaluation of your current health status.

How much do you know about your health?

Do you know how your lifestyle, everyday stress and habits have affected your health? Do you know what are the consequences of diseases not diagnosed on time? If you feel confused when trying to find answers to these questions – you really deserve a chance to learn more about your health! You can easily do that with Health Check up program in Premium Medical Clinic.

Health Check up Programs

Health Check up program is an complete objective evaluation of your current health status that diagnoses most of the common health problems profoundly in 2 – 3 days using laboratory tests, examinations and doctor’s visits. With the help of Premium Medical Clinic’s professional doctors, state of the art medical equipment and specially adopted health check protocols it is possible to diagnose diseases in their early stages and to start treatment right away if necessary – therefore reduce morbidity, mortality and increase your working ability.

To save your most valuable resource – time – we offer you to complete the program as an outpatient procedure. You don’t have to spend time in a hospital.

Premium Medical Clinic has created several Health Check up programs taking in consideration your age, sex, interests, lifestyle and personal desires.

  • Health Check up for Women
  • Health Check up for Men
  • Heart Health Check up
  • Metabolic Health Check-up
  • Pregnancy Health Check up

How does the Medical Health Check up program work?

The first visit. First you have to sign up to one of our clinics’ experienced internists. This doctor will be the coordinator of your Health Check up program. During the first visit a special health check protocol will be filled out according to your age and sex. Then after an extensive conversation with your doctor a plan of consultations and examinations will be made.

The clinic employs the best specialists in Latvia – doctors – authorities in their fields of practice. All our doctors speak fluent English but there is a possibility to request a translator if needed.

What benefits do you get from Medical Health Check-up program?

The awareness of your medical status will help you to gain additional confidence in other areas of your life. You will be protected from all the unpleasant surprises that may arise if your health has been neglected. Health Check up gives you an opportunity to receive a complete objective evaluation of your current health status in 2 – 3 days. It is a wonderful possibility to diagnose diseases on time and reduce morbidity, mortality and increase your working ability. The report that you will receive after completing the program is a great tool for your General Practitioner back at home – a great way to gain an overall understanding about your health status and a possibility to start further treatment without delay if needed. The report can be received at the clinic, by post or by e-mail in Latvian, Russian or English languages.

You will receive advice about ways you can improve your health condition – tips and bits about healthy lifestyle, physical activities and diet needed to stay healthy and fit, as well as specific treatment recommendations in case a disease is diagnosed. Taking care of yourself and your beloved ones is the best thing you can do. Scientists say that this habit is a sign of intelligence and remarkably improves person’s self – confidence.

Applying for Health Check up

You can ask our client manager to make a Health Check up schedule just for you. Our patient manager will contact you as soon as possible to agree upon the preferable and possible timing of your visits as well as ascertain any special needs, details about the program or travel advice. It is also possible to pick you up at the airport, provide accommodation and arrange free time activities if needed.

Do not hesitate to contact us – even the most trivial concerns are welcome!

Health Check up Statistics

There were over 900 people who have completed the Health Check up program provided by Premium Medical Clinic during the study period.

  1. People involved in the program: 42% men and 58% women.
  2. Average age: Men – 38 years old, Women – 41 years old.
  3. Slight health problems were found in 99% of the cases.
  4. Moderate or severe health problems that require treatment and rehabilitation were found in approximately 1/3 of the cases.

Most common problems:

  1. Spinal pathologies (mild or moderate forms) – 48%.
  2. Obesity in various forms – 45%, associated with cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, spinal pathology and risks of cerebral thrombosis and diabetes mellitus.
  3. Cardiovascular diseases – 42%.
  4. Gynecologic pathologies (myoma, cyst) – 30% of women.