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Genetic tests

Genetic tests

Scientists say that sequence of DNA in human genes is identical in 99% of cases, more than 10 million variations in individual genetic characteristics are possible. By accumulating knowledge and experience, as well as developing the availability of DNA tests, the personalized approach to examinations and investigations has reached the next level, offering genetic DNA tests in cooperation with leading DNA laboratories in Europe.

To reduce the risk of illness or late treatment for women with a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, the clinic has the opportunity to perform an APEX technology DNA test and receive a comprehensive explanation of the possible 83 mutations in 5 genes. In collaboration with DiaGenomi, CardioRisQ is a comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment that combines the genetic parameters of cardiovascular disease with an individual's lifestyle and provides information on pharmacogenomics and nutrigenomics, or drug-food interactions with individual genes. In cooperation with Asper Biotech, the Nutri inCode program is offered, which will help better understand the individual causes of overweight and to better assess the risk of obesity-related diseases.

Together with SIA GenEra laboratory clinic offers the following DNA tests:

  • For gastroenterology and hepatology (Lactose intolerance DNA test, Gilbert's syndrome DNA test, Hemochromatosis DNA test, IL28B test, Celiac disease DNA test).
  • For hematology (Thrombophilia DNA test).
  • For oncology (DNA test to determine the risk of congenital breast and ovarian cancer).

Tests have to be performed only with appointment to the doctor!

During the visit, the doctor will provide you with detailed information about the test, and a special questionnaire will be filled together with doctor, describing your objective condition, heredity and medical history. At the same time you will have to submit your blood for biochemical analysis * - a number of indicators will be additionally recorded in this questionnaire. Subsequently, your submitted material for the genetic test together with the completed questionnaire (including the results of biochemical analyzes) will be sent to the DNA laboratory.