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Health Care “PREMIUM” for a Year

Premium Medical Clinic offers a special service – health care program for a year that works exactly like a medical insurance agreement. Health care program for a year is designed for those who want to receive the best health care services at the highest level and consider their health as one of the most important elements that form the quality of life.

Health care program includes doctors’ consultations, diagnostic tests – laboratory tests and instrumental examinations, as well as emergency medical care at home. After receiving the treatment needed you can fully use the rehabilitation package.

The main advantage of this contract – you will receive health care services in significantly different level – with more privileges that are not provided by any other similar service.

Benefits of the Contract for a Year:

  1. Personal Physician who monitors your health status.
  2. Personal Manager who plans and monitors of all the planned medical activities – examinations and interventions. Your Manager will be responsible for calling you and reminding you of a scheduled visit, the need for a specific procedure as well as the arrangement and settlement of all the issues related to your medical care.
  3. Telephone consultations with the General Practitioner organized by your Personal Manager.
  4. Assistance in both – planned and acute cases of hospitalization.
  5. The program can be customized for each patient individually, taking into account their needs and requirements.
  6. Medical assistance at home.
  7. Elective surgery arrangements with the best medical specialists in Latvia.
  8. Additional discounts for clinic services that are not part of the contract for the year- genetic tests, additional tests, etc.