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Aviation medicine

Aviation medicine

Premium Medical Clinic aviation medical experts ensure medical examinations for following civil aviation personnel:

  • Repeated examinations for first class pilots;
  • LAPL first check-up and repeated examinations for second class pilots;
  • first check-up and repeated examinations for cabin crew members (GKSAL)

Check-up for receiving certificate is done in steps:

STEP 1 — receiving medical certificates from 3 specialists:

  • General practicioner's issued certificate (form 027 / u) with information about status of health and illnesses
  • Narcologist's certificate
  • Psychiatrist's certificate, to certify no contraindications to work in civil aviation.

STEP 2 — blood and urine tests

It is recommended to do tests at Premium Medical Clinic or Laboratory on an empty stomach, at least 1-2 working days before a visit to aviation medical expert.

STEP 3 — obligatory examinations:

  • Audiogram
  • X-ray examinations of the lungs and sinuses, if not already performed during the year
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Ophthalmologist's appointment if glasses or lenses are used on a daily basis

STEP 4 — first assessment of an aviation-medical expert (health examination - including spirogram, eyesight, etc.); If no additional examinations are prescribed, a health certificate is issued.

STEP 5 — in case of clinical indications - additional examinations with the appointment of an aviation-medical expert (oto-rino-larinologist, ophthalmologist, etc.).

STEP 6 — Final visit to an aviation-medical expert. Issuing the medical certificate (or opinion / refusal).

NB! Please note that we will try to organize all examinations as compactly as possible, so that all standard examinations can be done within a few hours. Therefore, please follow the above sequence of examinations – the aviation medical expert in the final round, when all the previous examinations and tests are done and results received!


Aviation medicine

  • First-time health inspection visit to the aviation medical specialist 60 min. 180,00 EUR
  • Annual repeated health inspection visit to the aviation medical specialist 60 min. 120,00 - 150,00 EUR
  • Visit to the aviation medical specialist 40 min. 67,00 EUR
  • Acute visit to the aviation medical specialist 25 min. 64,90 EUR
  • Aviation medical specialist appointment after long-term sick-list 60 min. 99,80 EUR
  • Certificate for flight attendants - min. 15,00 EUR
  • Certificate for pilots - min. 19,00 EUR
  • General practitioner consultation for getting a sanitary book 45 min. 50,50 EUR
  • Eye doctor consultation 45 min. 68,00 EUR
  • Appointment to ENT specialist 40 min. 68,00 EUR
  • Repeated appointment ENT doctor 20 min. 60,80 EUR
  • Audiometry with interpretation 30 min. 54,60 EUR
  • Otoacoustic emission (within the ENT appointment) - min. 17,00 EUR
  • EKG recording and analysis - min. 47,90 EUR
  • Computer spirometry 30 min 25,00 EUR