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Dentistry for Adults

Dentistry for Adults

Premium Medical Clinic offers a wide range of dental services - preventive, curative and aesthetic dentistry. Well equipped office with up-to-date technical solutions supports efficient and professional dentist’s work.

Dental services:

  • consultations and treatment plan;
  • oral and dental hygiene;
  • dental treatment - dental filling with or without anesthesia;
  • treatment of periodontitis - treatment of inflammation of the gums and dental caries;
  • endodontics - treatment of dental root canals under local or combined anesthesia;
  • orthodontics - incorrect bite and crooked teeth correction;
  • oral surgery under local or combined anesthesia;
  • dental prosthesis and implantation;
  • teeth whitening.

There is special attention to children. Our dentists are well trained to take care of small patients and there is a possibility to watch cartoons on TV during the dental higiene procedure.

Premium Medical dentist says to children:

“It is important to start regular oral hygiene at an early age - it helps to avoid the problems caused by untreated teeth, allows the child to get used to the doctor's office, teaches to be responsible for his / her health and properly care for oral cavity. Simply - your teeth will look great with regular dental hygiene! ”