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Doctor appointments for children

Doctor appointments for children

Premium Medical is friendly clinic for children where both - youngest patients and their parents feel comfortable. There are about 100 Latvian specialists in 35 different medical fields have been taking care of the whole family health here. Clinic specializes in pediatrics, obstetrics and family planning. In order to get acquainted with the specialist and establish mutual trust, it is recommended that parents apply to a pediatrician for a consultation before the baby is born. This consultation will help parents to feel safe about the chosen specialist, who will take care of their child's health from birth up to 18 years. It will be the pediatrician's responsibility to follow the child's development, as well as to take preventive measures when needed.

Clinic PREMIUM MEDICAL provides the highest quality pediatric services for preventive examination, as well as for the treatment of acute illnesses and long-term illnesses:

  • detailed recommendations for baby care
  • regular preventive examinations to monitor the child's development
  • vaccination recommendations and plan
  • free vaccination for children according to NHS program
  • assistance in case of acute illness, home visits
  • health check for issuing certificates for: kindergartens, schools, studies abroad, certificates for various reasons
  • investigation and treatment of long-term or chronic diseases involving the necessary specialists

Choosing Premium Medical, you receive list of important benefits:

  • All children specialists under one roof in the very center of Riga. Medical consultations, examinations and procedures in one place
  • Highly qualified specialists and experienced, responsible staff
  • Taking care of child’s health - PRIMARY CARE card for children
  • With professional care we ensure that medical manipulations cause as little discomfort as possible - special needles for blood tests, clamps for comfortable dripping, etc. special equipment
  • Playroom with books, magazines, games and other entertainment to keep your time running smoothly and in a good mood
  • Convenient for parents – elevator and comfortable rooms
  • The highest standards of hygiene, bright and warm rooms, harmonious atmosphere with music and a small waterfall at reception area
  • Children's sanitary facilities by highest standarts
  • For the comfort of the mother - a baby room
  • Manipulations and different services are available in cases of acute illness (rapid loss of fluid in the body, viral infections, etc.)

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