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Get guaranteed health care all year long at Premium Medical Clinic

Get guaranteed health care all year long at Premium Medical Clinic

Do you believe that truly loving yourself and your people means also taking care of your health regularly? Do you also believe that it is very important to entrust your health care to professional doctors and get it in a comfortable way and environment? And do you believe that in case of necessity it is advisable to get a qualitative doctor’s consultation and help as soon as possible? The clinic Premium Medical offers a chance to purchase the Primary Health Care Card – in its own way an insurance agreement that will let you feel secure about your health all year long.

The notion primary care is understood as the first and foremost health care level, the first stage of contact between the patient and the health care service provider, in which the main health problems of the patients are treated. General practitioners and internists together with their team ensure primary health care for the patients registered in their patient lists. When having purchased the Primary Health Care Card the client will be put under the monitoring of Premium Medical general practitioner Dr. Aija Šnikvalde. It can be said that all the owners of the card are like members of a club to whose health is important to themselves and to the specialists of Premium Medical.

By introducing the Primary Health Care Card the clinic Premium Medical ensures their clients the chance to receive the primary doctor’s – internist’s and general practitioner’s help and consultations whenever it is necessary, during visits also anticipating prophylactic examinations. By valuing the attitude of the clients towards their health highly and by considering prophylactic check-ups as one of the ways for the inhabitants to find out about a health problem timely and begin treatment in due time, the clinic Premium Medical appeals to everyone who values their own health and that of others to become the members of the Primary Health Care Card club.

Primary Health Care Card yearlong fee: 840,00 EUR

Premium Medical Clinic ensures PRIMARY HEALTH CARE (PHC) CARD holders:

FREE general practitioner or internist consultations – primary care doctor (limit – 12 visits per year) with:

  • expanded inspection, examination and a consultation in the cases of different acute and chronic illnesses;
  • appointment of the necessary additional examinations and analyses;
  • interpretation of the examinations and the results of analyses;
  • appointment of treatment;
  • inspections before vaccination and consultations about the vaccination calendar;
  • consultations about the possibilities of prophylaxis;
  • drawing up of the necessary documentation.

Discounts on other services of the clinic:

  • 10% for consultations of other specialists
  • 10% for examinations
  • 10% for vaccination

Additional terms

  • The services of a PHC card are available to clients from 16 years of age.
  • The services of a PHC card are available only to a registered owner of an active card, showing the card during a visit at the clinic.
  • The purchase price of the card is applied in the first moment of its purchase.
  • Each PHC card is assigned a unique number that is attached to the owner of the card. The card can only be used by its registered owner.
  • An owner of a PHC card has the right to cancel a planned consultation at a primary care specialist or to postpone it at least 6 hours before the beginning of the planned visit. If this option is not used and the client does not show up for the visit, the PHC card owner’s remaining limit of the primary care specialist’s consultations is reduced by each such case.
  • Having reached the limit of the free primary care specialist’s consultations, the owner of the PHC card has the option to visit a primary care specialist for a fee, making use of the discounts ensured by the PHC card. Or the owner of the card can extend the term of the PHC card till next year before the end of the term.
  • The free consultations that are ensured by the PHC card are available only at a definite primary care specialist of Premium Medical at the times appointed by the primary care specialist.
  • In the framework of free consultations, the primary care specialist also offers advice about the prophylactics of specific health problems. However, the framework of these free consultations does not include prophylactic examination by the proceedings of the “Health Check” programme. The “Health Check” programme is available as a separate consultation for a fee, employing the PHC card’s ensured discount.

We also teach children to be responsible for their health and not be afraid of the doctor's Office - ‎ask also for Primary health care card for children