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Doctor available ON-LINE consultations

Doctor available ON-LINE consultations

Doctor consultation online during COVID-19 outbreak

In many cases, an on-site visit to the clinic may not be possible due to the isolation of patients and / or medical staff.

An online appointment should be done in the same way as an usual one - by phone at 66011160 or 24881111, using the e-appointment button at www.premiummedical.lv, or by sending a message to info@premiummedical.lv.

  • To use the online consultation option you must have a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access, as well as video and audio communication.
  • When you apply for an online consultation, the Patient Registration Specialist will send you a ZOOM.US Meeting ID code and scheduled consultation start time.
  • In order to take full advantage of the time allocated for consultation, few minutes before you have go to ZOOM.US and then to ‘JOIN A MEETING’ option. After that you will have to enter Meeting ID code.
  • Few minutes before scheduled online consultations open the appropriate link, confirm that you want both - a video and audio connections (confirm the 'Join with video' and 'Join with audio' options).
  • You will get better call quality by using a headset and an external microphone. If your computer does not have a built-in camcorder, you will need an external camera.
  • Online consultations should be prepaid – the bill will be sent to you while scheduling appointment. We aspect receive from you a proof of payment before appointment.
Legal Disclaimer: When selecting this service, the customer is aware that this type of video call is not specifically tailored to the confidential flow of personalized medical information - it uses a third-party service provided by free access.