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Julija Semjonova

Aero-medical examiner, Internist

Provides health screening, diagnostic, medical and consulting services in the fields of aviation medicine and internal medicine.

The goal is to provide each visitor with personalized, accessible, understandable and affordable health care that meets the best medical practice standards.

Dr. Semjonova obtained his professional qualification as an aero medical expert at the Institute of Aviation Medicine in the Czech Republic, as well as a passed course at the European School of Aviation Medicine in Germany. Certified as a class 1 aero-medical expert at the Latvian Civil Aviation Agency.

Dr. J.Semjonova is certified in Internal Medicine at the Latvian Medical Association. She graduated from Riga Stradins University with a doctor's degree from Charles University in Prague.

Continuos studies of diagnostics and treatment of internal diseases, especially current issues related to metabolism and vitamin D effects. Performed the first research work in Latvia on vitamin D levels in the population.

Professional interest in travel medical issues. Graduated Tropical Medicine and Travel Health Course in the Netherlands and Germany. Regularly improves professional knowledge in various courses and conferences, including abroad.

Dr. J.Semjonova provides consultations in Latvian, English, Czech and Russian.